NEW Natural Technology Full Modulating Ground Source Heat Pump by Heliotherm is our No.1 best seller!




The Natural Technology ground source heat pump system is a direct system, without an intermediate circuit, is exceedingly safe and requires low-maintenance. The home owner can enjoy both comfortable temperatures and monthly savings in the home. The system is a technical advancement a fully developed product trend setting innovation, that meets demanding requirements with the Heliotherm patented & web-based Remote Maintenance and Remote Control technologies.

The advantages:

• Monitored refrigeration cycle and optimized operating working point

• Outdoor installation > Space-saving through centering of technical components outside

• Full modulating technology > SCOP greater than 6.6 possible • Optimized acoustic case design

• No heating rod required > no hidden costs

• Natural refrigerant – R290

• Optionally possible to combine with photovoltaic and full modulating heat pump > thereby a total yearly efficiency of up to 10 is possible

The ground on which you build your home on is a free source of energy. Also, the intelligent Heliotherm ground source heat pump, the stored energy is used directly in the winter months efficiently and at the best value price. The relationship between electrical power input and available environmental energy describes the efficiency of the heat pump or COP. Heliotherm‘s patented and registered technologies together in connection with the environments‘s free energy have proven to achieve the best proven efficiencies.

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