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Fresh and healthy air has become a standard in modern buildings.  Allergy particles, dust, moulds and noisy surrounding have a negative effect on health and life quality. Smarty Air handling units are designed to solve all these issues in residential premises.  Our clients enjoy the benefits of efficiency, reliability and user friendly approach.

  • High efficiency: high savings on electricity and heating
  • Reliability: long life components
  • No allergies, dust and moulds: fresh air in any season
  • Easy maintenance: one person service
  • User-friendly control and full automatisation: control your climate via pc


2XV, 2XP for heated premises up to 120m2

Smarty Apartment2

3XV, 3XP for heated premises up to 230m2

Ideal for Houses

Silent Air Handling

Modern ventilation must be silent.  The Smarty casing sound power level (44 dB) is lower than what most household equipment emits.  In living premises, the sound pressure level drops till 25 dB and lower.  Relax and rest in the fresh airSmarty image

Smarty Your Investment


Smarty Annual Savings

Suitable for tight spaces

We know that it is sometimes hard to find a place for new equipment, so a compact design was one of our goals.  You can always find a place for Smarty.

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User-Friendly Control

User friendly control

  • Smarty air handling units can be managed by:
  • Optional Ptouch or Stouch remote controllers


  • Remote control via PC MB-Gateway or building management system connections demand level control sensors:


With MB-Gateway you can control your climate via PC even when you are far away from home.

Save money and enjoy the full comfort by using smart control options:

Away from home?

Reduce electricity and heating costs by using building protection mode or calendar events:

Variable number of people in your premises?

With CO2 Sensors air handling units provide the required airflow levels for a healthy climate and save electricity when the number of visitors decreases

Hot summers with cool nights?

Use night-cooling to reduce the temperature in your premises and save money on air conditioning.

Advantages of Smarty

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