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Win energy from your own garden using a ground source heat pump with surface collector.

Your own home is the perfect place to charge energy. Your garden is made into an inexhaustible source of energy when installing a Heliotherm ground source heat pump with surface collectors.

Geothermal energy for your new home

Home comfort in winter and revitalizing freshness in summer is what a ground source heat pump with surface collectors provides in new homes with plenty of garden space. It features an intelligent direct system that works without intermediate circuits at lower operating costs, reliable and maintenance-free for an optimal “operating climate”.

Our geothermal heat pump and your benefits

The numerous advantages of a Heliotherm ground source heat pump with surface collectors makes your decision easy. No other system with ground collector and direct expansion can heat and cools more economically and environmentally friendly. Get all the benefits for your home that only a technology leader can offer.

What is stepless modulation?
The heat pump automatically adjusts to the building’s heating demand.
Different room temperatures require individual heating patterns. Through the intelligent regulating control technology and the modulating compressor your Heliotherm heat pump will only consume the electric current necessary for heat production as necessary. So your heating costs are automatically optimized all year-round.

Heliotherm premium modulating ground source heat pump with surface collector:

  • Stepless compressor modulation for a controlled performance demand overview (higher heat output when outside temperature fall)
  • Reduced power consumption and additional cost savings compared with conventional heat pumps
  • Ideal for new buildings with sufficient land
  • Highest energy efficiency
  • Longer life due to soft-starting procedure
  • Outlet heating temperatures of up to 60 °C
  • Maximum subsidies with COP > 5
  • Active cooling is optional
  • Significant lower operating costs through intelligent cooling cycle (twin-x technology & dsi-technology)
  • Heliotherm’s web control features global heat pump remote control via internet
  • Heliotherm’s high quality tele control, allows the Competence Partner direct remote maintenance
  • “Made in Austria”

Operating manual 

Leaflet ground source heat pump with surface collector

Leaflet stepless modulation

1.Ground Source heat pump with surface collector