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Heliotherm fresh hot water system

The fresh hot water system is optimally tuned with Heliotherm heat pumps, protects the heat pump and ensures long life. Is hygiene and cleanliness particularly important? The fresh hot water system for domestic hot water preparation is ideal for people with high expectations.

The almost maintenance free hot water preparation works without an immersion heating rod; however, achieving maximum energy efficiency. Clean crystal clear – enjoy this safe feeling in your home with the Heliotherm fresh hot water system!

Buffer storage is available with a capacity of 500 to 1.500 liters

Hygienic > exceptionally efficient > the Heliotherm fresh hot water system:

  • Long life and high operational safety > high quality components
  • Prevents Legionella bacteria build up by continuous heated water
  • Always fresh hot water, never stored
  • Lowest operating costs thru optimum hydraulic and low buffer temperatures
  • Energy saving and low maintenance operation
  • No immersion heating rod necessary – no hidden costs
  • Sufficient hot water for the entire family
  • Connection options for various heat producing equipment, heating systems, thermometers, sensors, solar etc.

Fresh hot water system brochure