Sensor solid 55 commercial heat pump

The comfortable Sensor Solid M Series large heat pump adjusts automatically to the building‘s heating requirements, assuring efficient operation and cost-effective savings.

The Brine / Water heat pump Sensor Solid M Compact Design achieves high heating demands due to its up to 100 kW capacity.

An ideal solution for spacious residential buildings, hotels and commercial buildings.

The building‘s greater or lesser heating demand is detected by the ambient temperature. The innovative modulation technology adjusts the heat pump to the required heat output. Therefore, resulting in higher efficiency and substantial CO2 savings at minimal energy costs.

The advantages:

• Monitored refrigeration cycle and optimized operating working point

• Outdoor installation > Space-saving through centering of technical components outside

• Full modulating technology > SCOP greater than 6.6 possible

• Optimized acoustic case design

• No heating rod required > no hidden costs

• Natural refrigerant – R290

• Optionally possible to combine with photovoltaic and full modulating heat pump > thereby a total yearly efficiency of up to 10 is possible

Sensor Solid M Brochure