Heat Pumps of Heliotherm

Take advantage of the free stored energy from the ground, air and water – with the multi-awarded state of the art Heliotherm technology. The heat pumps are available in reversible (heating/cooling) and modulating versions.

Heliotherm heat pumps for heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation for new construction and renovation.

Residential heat pumps:

Your garden will be an inexhaustible source of energy, after installing a geothermal heat pump with surface collectors.
Ground source heat pump with CO2 probe
There are many ways to capture the free stored solar energy from the sun into your new or renovated home.
Ground water heat pump
Don’t let the next decades fall into cold water, a Heliotherm ground water heat pump is recommended.
Air source heat pump - split design
Why be troubled over rising energy prices once again? We recommended a Heliotherm air heat pump for a sound solution.
Air source heat pump - compact design
A very simple way out of the increasing fuel costs and into calculable independence with an air source heat pump compact design.
Fresh hot water system
Is hygiene and cleanliness very important to you? Enjoy legionella-free water in your home with the Heliotherm fresh hot water system.
Domestic hot water heat pump
The domestic hot water heat pump provides hot water and can be operated independently from the heating system.