Our NEW Outdoor Air Source heat pump – split design – Silent 80 can be used anywhere!

Before you go out of sheer anger over rising energy prices, we want to recommend a constructive and extremely budget-friendly alternative: The Heliotherm air source heat pump split design. This innovative solution heats and cools the perfect climate in your home.

Saves money and space

Whether you have a new building or to renovate, the air source split design heat pump not only saves money by low installation costs, but also is space saving. In addition, it is easy to install and does not require a permit. Even on small land property, the inexhaustible and free energy can be used which is always and everywhere in the air.

Our air source heat pump and your benefits

For relaxed and problem free heating and cooling without trouble of freezing, yet in continuous performance and short defrost cycles. The exceptionally quiet outdoor evaporator, which is available in three variations, guarantees you with its optimized fan technology friendly neighborhood atmosphere.

The NEW Heliotherm Outdoor Air Evaporator – Silent Source 80

No compressor resonance outdoors
Special axial fan blade design – fully modulating
Aerodynamically optimized air flow
Turbulence reduction
Large scale multi-row evaporator with large fin spacing
Air inlet and outlet openings with special sound insulation
Casing design with an additional high-quality acoustic insulation
Quality assurance – UV resistant up to 30 years
Custom design – adapt the surface suitable to your personal home concept

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Quiet Operation

The Heliotherm evaporator is installed outdoors and is certainly one of the most efficient and quietest in its class. Whether it‘s a new construction or a building refurbishment, our outdoor air evaporator is exceedingly compact and easy to install. Also for small property, it allows the use of free, inexhaustible environmental energy for heating and cooling your home.

Individual Design

You can design the surface according to your own concept idea. Thus creating a harmonious atmosphere to your home or your garden landscape design.

Silent Source 80 Individual Design

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