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Heliotherm heat pumps are Austrian engineered heat pumps which are among the most innovative and the are the most environmentally friendly heat pumps in the world, not to mention one of the most recognized brands in the world.  We only use the best systems, coupled with over 20 years experience in heat pump Installation our engineers can provide you with the best solution to meet your needs.  Talk to us today Click here

A heat pump is probably the leading method of heat generation for new buildings & renovations that is available on the market today.  The new generation of Heliotherm heat pumps can be comfortably controlled using our new design touchpad.  On the screen you have an easy-to understand overview of how much your heat pump is saving you in comparison to traditional heating systems, how economically you are currently heating your home, heating water or cooling.

Cosiness, warmth & security.  Enjoy a warm bath or shower.  Pleasantly cool rooms in summer.  You are investing in pioneering technology that is already increasing the value of your home.  It is more than a heat pump, it is a greater quality of life.

Clean, economical and inexhaustible, that is energy from nature.  With the highly efficient Heliotherm heat pumps, you can achieve the maximum levels of energy efficiency with your heating, air conditioning or warm water.

The level of efficiency is indicated as a Coefficient of Performance.  The COP value. The amount of heat produced for every kw of electrical input,  In professional circles a heat pump with a COP value of 3 is considered to be economical. Heliotherm heat pumps achieve a COP value 7 & beyond which is the best of any manufacturer.  This has been confirmed by independent testing institutions and recognised with the awarding of the European Union Energy Label, A+++.

This means that with Heliotherm you can get up to 7 parts of energy from only one solitary part of electricity.  And this one solitary part can even be generated through photovoltaic technology.

The result is a quality of efficiency that sets completely new standards for you when it comes to cost savings, adding value to your home as well as a greater sustainability in your use of resources.

Spend your money on more important things then on heating bills.  It’ll put a smile on your face everyday.


Our Heat Pumps from Heliotherm

Take advantage of the free stored energy from the ground, air and water – with the multi-award winning state of the art Heliotherm technology. The heat pumps are available in reversible (heating/cooling) and modulating versions.

Heliotherm heat pumps for heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation for new buildings and renovations. Find details on each heat pump system here:

Residential heat pumps
You can choose between a heat pump for domestic use in heating, cooling and / or hot water preparation for new builds and renovations of single family homes and multi-family homes.
Industrial Heat Pumps
Find all heat pumps for commercial and industrial systems ranging from 49-134 kW heat output. These heat pumps can be used for heating, cooling and hot water production.